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Express Your Love With A Halo Engagement Ring

Are you confused while choosing an engagement ring? Yes, there are so many varieties of rings like solitaire rings, classic rings, vintage rings and others that one can easily confuse choosing one from it. Especially, while buying an engagement ring, it is a common concern that whether she would like the ring or not. Here is one more alternative that is becoming popular with its beautiful designs and look. It is a halo diamond ring. These rings are becoming popular with their stunning look and style. If you want to know about halo engagement rings and go through a vivid variety of these rings, you are right here to explore the world of excellence.

What is a halo diamond ring?

Everyone buying an engagement ring wants to have a unique piece of ring with something special. Halo engagement rings have splendid designs to offer it. A halo diamond ring is a style of ring with a large center stone surrounded by small diamonds that enhance the look and beauty of a center diamond.
This design of the halo rings provides plenty of arrangements and designs to have an exclusive ring. If you go through a collection of these rings, you will find good flexibility to choose rings.
Here are some popular or styles/ designs seen in halo engagement rings –
  • Usually, halo diamond rings have cushion cut, round or square cut diamonds in the center. However, cushion cut diamonds are very popular, as they allow different looks and brilliance in the designs.
  • The Halo diamond rings have its borders with equal importance in enhancing beauty of center diamond. Its border can be compared to the frame of a beautiful painting. Though circular borders are common in halo rings, some rings feature an oval shaped, rectangular and heart- shaped borders.
  • The diamond in the center is surrounded by small diamonds in different ways to catch eyes. The part of setting enhancing beauty of center diamond is also called as a shank. Sometimes, small diamonds are placed along the front side of the setting. Nowadays, split shank is popular. In this design, shank splits into two sections before connecting central setting.
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Though halo diamond ring in yellow gold looks charming, white gold brings miracle to offer glorious rings. That is why; craze for white gold halo rings is growing day by day. Whether you are looking for 18k white gold halo engagement rings or other variety of these rings, Halo Engagement Ring store welcomes you to find enthralling collection of halo engagement rings here. Halo engagement rings offer glittering diamond rings that your fiance will certainly love it. You will find round halo rings, cushion cut halo rings and many more at our store. You will find it easier to choose one of your favorite exclusive rings here.